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    WASC Report

    Developers: Sriya Chilla, Grace Le, Iniyaa Mohanraj, Isai Rajaraman, Ridhima Inukurti,

    This team built a portal for the WASC committee in order to help evaluators navigate Del Norte High School and its achievements. Also, this team refactored the Nighthawk Coding Society Website with the dashboard you are now viewing to display students' works.

    Cowboy Town

    Developers: Noah Pidding, Aiden Tung, Nathaniel Lee, Dane Vestal, ,

    There are several features to our website, including an interactive home page that can take you to places like a history section of the wild west as well as a quiz, a saloon section, involving a snake game, a clicking speed test, a random api section, and an about us page including information and work done by all the creators.

    Piece of the PI

    Developers: Bradley Bartelt, Diego Krenz, DK Khalili-Samani, Colin Szeto, Andrew Zhang,

    Our project is a pizza social media. To get the best slice of pizza. On our site you can leave reviews on pizza, chat with other users on pizza related topics, upload pictures of pizza, and navigate external pizza sites, all in one location.

    Hawkers Tweet

    Developers: Sarah, Noya, Nivu, Maggie, Akhil,

    Here on Hawkers, you get the full Twitter experience but without the toxicity of regular twitter! Enjoy the sweet Del Norte High School Themed Color scheme, as well as all the features of regular twitter! Start Tweeting Today!

    Image Posting and Discussion

    Developers: Dominic Phung, Sean Rollins, Jason Chang, Andrew Joseph, ,

    This project showcases a simplistic version of an image-posting board (think Instagram) where you can make posts and comment/view others' posts. It also consists of various mini-labs that highlight various Java skills practiced/learned.


    Developers: Aditya Surapaneni, Yasaswi Singamneni, Neil Sahai, Praveen Natarajan, Vihan Jayaraman,

    This Spring Boot Application (Web App) aims to help students go through their day with ease. It consists of an Advanced Calculator, a Calendar, & a Task Manager tool.


    Developers: Alex Hu, Atharva Kudrimoti, Andrew Pu, Kevin Hu, Sean Tran,

    Our project allows the user to play Uno through their computer browser, with gameplay and cards similar to real-life Uno. It also includes an additional 2048 game and a leaderboard for Uno scores.

    Survey Drone

    Developers: Pranav Kambhampati, Nakul Nandhakumar, Aryan Amberkar, Michael Hayes, ,

    A group based polling applications that centralizes multiple different forms together. Administrators can view quick statistics from multiple different forms on a dashboard. The user experience will be up to date through an AWS RDS MySQL database.

    The Smack

    Developers: Ava Brooks, Eva Gravin, Risa Iwazaki, Linda Long, ,

    TheSmack is an aspiring social media site where users can share messages and emotions with friends, using inspiration from Twitter and TheSLAP.

    Styled Weather

    Developers: Paul Bokelman, Wesley Chen, Travis Medley, Sam Koeing, ,

    Find the weather anytime anywhere & make your ideal weather!

    Nighthawk Planner

    Developers: Mackenzie Aboy, Pedro de Medeiros, Anthony Giustiniano, Naweid Hassanzadeh, Cherry Ding,

    This website is meant to be an easily accessible planner for students and anyone who wants to become more organized.

    Game Rating

    Developers: Kira Liao, Lucas Bruner, Dylan Roman, Jagroop Vij, Jacob Nguyen,

    Come to our game rating website to browse thousands of games, write reviews for your favorites, and see the newest reviews.


    Developers: Gautam Gupta, Dhruv Sengupta, Jacob Rozenkrantz, Arnav Swami, ,

    Overflow works with MyConnect and builds a Todo list. Helping you keep in touch with you own reality.

    AP Java Review

    Developers: Anthrony Vo, Dhruv Kanetkar, Eyaad Mir, Nathaniel Cherian, Tanay Shah,

    Welcome to our Java hub! We are all part of the Free Kashmir CSA group from Del Norte High School. The goal of this site is to provide rising AP Computer Science A students with a reference point to follow when studying.

    AP Java Tips

    Developers: Aidan Rosen, Andrew Hale, Sanvi Pal, Sara Beniwal, Siddhant Ranka,

    Find checklists, study tips, interactive FRQs, grade Calculator, and common Java Algorithms.

    The Gators Calculator Hub

    Developers: Aryan Amberkar, Kambhampati, Praveen Natarajan, Neil Sahai, ,

    We created a calculator hub where the user can perform simple calculations powered by JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java Spring and Thymeleaf. Users are able to use a trigonometric calculator, conversions calculator, logarithmic calculator, and a simple 4 function calculator.

    Covid-19 Tracker

    Developers: Pragdeesh Raj, Ayman Kazi, Yazhisai Rajaraman, Karam Alshaikh, ,

    COVID-19 data collected from credible sources and organized in a simply interface. Includes information pages to detail precautionary strategies to stay safe during this pandemic.


    Developers: Aidan Lin, Calvin Ni, James Hunt, Kyle Myint, Tyler C,

    Multiplayer battleship game. Best to have two people involved. Game play starts by sending an invitation. Then see who guesses hit in the grid first.

    Parrots Music

    Developers: Lola Bulkin, Valerie Militeeva, Ryan Shay, Nick Gee, Michael Iribarren,

    Our project is a movie recommendation site, where the user takes a quiz and gets results based on their input. You can pick different genres, streamers, and ratings to get results personalized to you.

    Virtual Library

    Developers: Adhithi Narayana Murthy, Aditi Akella, Dayita Ray, Ketki Chakradeo, Luke Manning,

    Database for making random book recommendations, sending book recommendation, and making purchases. Also contains a random poem generator.

    Music Website

    Developers: Eshaan Parlikar, Chris Rubin, Komay Sugiyama, Charlie Zhu, Devam S,

    The purpose of our project is to give users access to new playlists and discover music for their taste. A cool feature our website holds is that it includes a random playlist generator on the homepage.

    Covid Database

    Developers: Francis Lim, Bryce Modugno, Nihar Marar, Luca Pinto, Colin Tran,

    We aspire to create an easy platform for users to get information on COVID-19. Our goal is to inform the public on Covid-19 cases within many areas around the world. Our website contains a database which updates, as well as a subscription option for email reminder in your country

    Cowboys Advertisement Website (CAW)

    Developers: William Cherres, Allen Xu, Marc Humeau, Karam Alshaikh, Tanmay Marwah,

    We have created a platform where you can upload your ads and showcase your company. All you need to do is sign up and create an account. This is a great way to make your website and company more popular.

    Pokemon Game

    Developers: Abhijay Deevi, Aiden Cizek, Akshit Prathipati, Megan Corrigan, Zachary Joseph,

    Our project allows players to look through our pokedex and see information on each pokemon. At the same time, they will be able to look through each type of pokemon. You can also rate each pokemon based on how much you like the pokemon. This rating will average and show the overall rating to every user.

    Schlimes Stock

    Developers: Brayden Basinger, Noah Ahooja, Carter Quartararo, Ryan Moghaddas, Max Wang,

    Schtlimes Stock is a stock website where you can trade and buy stocks, and compete to be the richest person in the world! In our stock website you can trade and buy stocks, and compete. Lastly, we have a fun quiz for everybody to take that is related to stocks. Have fun and start investing!


    Developers: David Kim, Kyle Myint, Colin Szeto, Shekar Krishnamoorthy, Devam Shrivastava,

    This project is ASCII chess that can be played in the console. Other features include recorded games and playing against a rudimentary ai.


    Developers: Sophie Lee, Eva Gravin, Linda Long, Ali Saad, ,

    Recipebox is a website centered around recipes, where you can filter through recipes, select ingredients that affect your money and amount, create a recipe, and give input to the website that will be displayed as a community suggestion.


    Developers: Noah Pidding, Nihar Marar, Rivan Nayak, Adam Holbel, ,

    Our project was essentially a website that would allow the user to input a message, and either encrypt or decrypt the message in several different ciphers including Caesar cipher, Binary, Morse code, RSA and Pig Latin. There were also quizzes that the user could take based on some of the ciphers incorporated in the project.


    Developers: Alex Hu, Aidan Rosen, Andrew Hale, Andrew Joseph, Atharva Kudrimoti,

    An application with various uses such as a graphing calculator, password manager, and vector calculator.

    Java Swing Tea Shop

    Developers: Siddhant Ranka, Andrew Hale, Aidan Rosen, , ,

    We created a REACT tea shop and a swing covid case calculator and a swing jukebox.

    Covid-19 Tea Shop

    Developers: Siddhant Ranka, Aidan Rosen, Andrew Hale, , ,

    An online website was created to simulate an online tea shop. A coronavirus calculator was created to calculate cases during the covid pandemic, and a jukebox was created to make shopping more enjoyable.

    City Simulation

    Developers: Aditya Surapaneni, Arnav Swami, Jacob Rozenkrants, Atharva Kudrimoti, ,

    This Java Application is intended to simulate features of a typical city. It includes a fully-functioning car dealership, a bank, & a school. Make sure to explore!

    Games From the Decades

    Developers: Siddhant Ranka, Kevin Hu, Sean Tran, Aditya Surapaneni, Jacob Rozenkrants,

    This project allowed the user to play different video games from different decades. The games specifically were Minesweeper, Uno, and Go Fish.


    Developers: Noah Pidding, Sarah Xie, Charlie Zhu, Rivan Nayak, Rohan Nallapati,

    Our project theme was Halloween, as the time of making this project it was around the time of Halloween. Our project involved games such as a guessing game, and a hangman game, as well as different genres of music that the user could choose from.

    Online Grocery Store

    Developers: Siddhant Ranka, Sean Tran, Aditya Surapaneni, Jacob Rozenkrants, Kevin Hu,

    This project simulated an online grocery store.

    Tigers Shop Website

    Developers: Rohan Nallapati, Tanmay Marwah, Charlie Zhu, Eshaan Parlikar, ,

    Our project is a website that sells merchandise to the user, much like Amazon, eBay, or any other online shop. You can browse through the shop and find what you want.

    Link DN

    Developers: Sophie Bulkin, Ida Mobini, Chrystal Widjaja, Manuel Villa Hernandez, Arul Salaniwal,

    LinkDN is an aspiring social media site exclusive to Del Norte’s students. Students can share their “stats,” what classes they are taking, and their accomplishments outside of school. Ideally, LinkDN will be able to be used as a platform for students to create study/support groups with one another.

    Boomer ESports

    Developers: Aditya Surapaneni, Siddhant Ranka, Jacob Rozenkrants, Kevin Hu, Sean Tran,

    This JFrame Application allows users to play a variety of games, including Thai 21, Uno, Mine Sweeper, GoFish, & TicTacToe. Each game originated from a different decade, starting from the 1970s. Have fun!

    Flask Portfolio Starter

    Developers: Nathaniel Cherian, Ava Brooks, Sriya Chilla, Ridhima Inukurti, ,

    Learn the basics of setting up a flask website. This projects code provides introduction to Python, Flask, HTML, Bootstrap, and Jinja2. The video playlist includes guide to get you started with key development tools: IntelliJ IDE, GitHub